Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity


Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity

Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity industry, the place where future billionaires come to get  inspired. Today we have a  special subject that’s almost a matter  of national security  or at least personal security leaving  the drama aside cybersecurity is a  burning industry that thrives by selling  and stealing personal data or money from  everyone everything on the Internet is  at risk because you can be blackmailed  or have your bank accounts emptied while you sleep  hackers are the ones to blame for cybersecurity theft, but there’s also  companies that develop software that  helps to keep privacy private and  creating cybersecurity awareness, if  they don’t take this problem seriously  very bad things can happen whether we’re  talking about terrorism fraud or privacy  nothing is safe anymore this entire  industry handles a scary amount of money, and it only started a few decades ago  when computers and the internet were  invented if you want to know some more  about cybersecurity  all the secrets and all the dirty money.

Companies can lose up to two trillion  dollars in a year due to cybercrime one  of the scariest things is to wake up one  day and have it all taken away from you  because you logged on to a weird website, or you used your credit card somewhere  different it’s even worse when you’re a  company and billions of dollars are at  stake studies show that in 2019 cyber  fraud would be up by two trillion  dollars globally higher than it ever has  been cybercrime products are very  advanced and these days when people are  so fed up with corrupt governance and  the  lack of resources anything can happen  let’s be real, although it’s not the  honest way to make money a lot of people  have thought about it.

Less than 2% of this industry  is done by humans there used to be a  time when cybersecurity was a very  demanding job done 100% by humans 24/7  nowadays though things have changed and  with modern technology this industry is  one of the most advanced in the world  over the years’ atomization has become  such a big thing that only 2% of cybersecurity is done by actual humans robots  and other software have replaced humans  in a matter of decades they still need  humans to keep the machines and programs  running and safe, but that’s about it.

Everything connected to the  Internet is at risk the pictures you  post on Facebook or anywhere on the  Internet can be used for all sorts of  unwanted or evil purposes even worse is  that any device connected to the  Internet like your phone your TV  security cameras, doorbell or your smart home  is at  risk any vulnerability or breach in the  system can be used against you millions  of people have been victims of cyber  security  so whatever smart technology you use or  fingerprint PIN codes try to secure  everything with a trustworthy 2-step  authentication strong passwords even  insurance all those movies you see on TV  are inspired by real-life situations.

Tech companies are offering  free software to help secure future  elections in light of Cambridge analytic  and Trump selection people are now  doubting the system and the value of  their vote  a lot of things happen behind the scenes  and cyber fraud is one of them for sure  to prevent third parties from  interfering with future elections some  tech companies are offering free  software to help secure them, although  some people are skeptical about  companies giving cybersecurity for free  let’s not forget that this is the way  they will advertise themselves as the  software that helped elect a president  indeed nothing is brief.

Amazon has a market capitalization of  seven hundred and seventy billion  dollars the most important and safe  cybersecurity company is not necessarily  the richest one, although billions of  dollars are poured into this industry  it’s surprising to see which one invests  the most and that company is the giant  Amazon the company of the richest man in  the world  Jeff Bezos is also the one that has the  biggest market capitalization of this  industry over seven hundred and seventy  billion dollars they keep their data  really secure and take cybersecurity  very seriously  we’re curious what kind of security Jeff  uses for his one hundred and forty-four  billion dollars.

Edward  Snowden uncovered one of the biggest  global surveillance systems conducted by  the NSA. 2013 was a very interesting year  for Edward Snowden and the U.S. as most  people know by now  Edward uncovered a series of secret  operations that the US government  through the NSA were conducting global  surveillance it didn’t end very well for  him as he’s still hiding somewhere in  Russia where he’s in asylum but thanks  to him, we now know just how complex and  holistic this system is nothing is  private and the most precious thing  someone can have these days is privacy  and information governments and big  companies are spying on you and using  your data to manipulate your behavior. 

Yahoo was the victim of the biggest data  breach in history the bigger the company  the higher the risk for cyber crime and  attacks small companies are at risk too  even individual people that seem to be  irrelevant for a hacker by far the  biggest and most damaging data breach  happened four years ago we’re talking  about the famous Yahoo cyberattacks that  exposed the data of over three billion  accounts over the period of a year the  attacks compromised the real names email  addresses dates of birth and telephone  numbers that were not well protected the  entire scandal knocked off over 350  million dollars of Yahoo sale price to  Verizon in the end they sold it for 4.4  eight billion dollars in spite of its  once valued 100 billion.

cyber criminals are targeting rich  people cyber criminals are getting  smarter than ever they don’t waste time  anymore targeting random people hoping  to get something out of them they now go  straight to the rich people knowing they  can get millions of dollars out of them  social media accounts or emails are used  to scam them into transferring money to  their accounts one of the most popular  social platforms they use is LinkedIn  pretty smart huh never fully trust the  people on the internet especially when  they asked you for money 

more than 60% of companies  don’t update their IT systems you know  the saying you get what you pay for this  unfortunately applies to many companies  out  this number comes from Microsoft the  company that pretty much is responsible  for 70% of the computer systems in the  world when you’re a professional you  should be extra cautious with emails  software and even hardware information  is powerful and keeping everything safe  and updated is utterly important since  so many companies take it for granted  it’s no wonder they get blackmailed it’s  always better to prevent problems rather  than to treat them.


cybercrime is costing the world over six trillion dollars the most affected industries by cyber attacks are finance medical government and electrical if there’s any trace of money of blackmail someone will try to get it up until now over six trillion dollars have been grasped by this industry this includes money gold stocks ransoms etc. with so much at stake it’s no wonder that companies pay so much money to keep their clients satisfied and their money safe over one trillion dollars was spent in the last five years on cyber defense solutions alone
there’s a massive talent gap in this industry talented security engineers are very hard to find these days and because hackers are getting better every day companies need to keep up there’s a massive talent gap in the cybersecurity industry both because people aren’t so interested in it and also because they want too much money women might just come to the rescue of companies decide to promote these jobs to them if that falls short then ex-military.

personnel can be used  to fill the gap or simply people that  have the potential to learn everything  they need there’s always a way

cybersecurity in Africa will get to 2.5  billion dollars   although Africa  is not the biggest economical center  they are still highly targeted by  hackers since they can’t defend  themselves like other economies can the  technological development is stuck and  at risk of not improving for the future  so far they invested around 1.7 billion  dollars in cybersecurity and plan to add  up to 2.5 billion dollars    hackers know their infrastructure and  systems are weak so each attack costs  them roughly 1.2 million dollars.


New York wants to be the  cybersecurity capital of the world  New York is one of the greatest cities  in the world and for a good reason the  city is already the world capital of  media and finance but something is  missing and now there is an initiative  that will fill the gap to make things  even greater they plan to invest over  100 million dollars to make the city of  the world cybersecurity capital with  that money investment a cybersecurity  center and hub will be open in Chelsea  and Soho in order to attract new talent  and the richest investors

cyber criminals are  responsible for fraud and crime there  are also some good guys out there if you  want to call them that in a way these  leaks hurt the company that produces the  movie or the songs but on the other hand  they give fans all over the world the  chance to hear or see something they  really love some ask for million-dollar  ransoms and some just do it for the  thrill of it this also shows just how  easy it is to hack into HBO the Academy  or a record label and the ones  responsible sometimes are offered jobs  to help protect the company in the  future    there will be  more than 300 billion passwords used  worldwide our planet only holds about 7  billion people out of those people some  are children some are elders and some  don’t have access to the Internet so how  did people manage to create over 300  billion passwords with so many social  platforms email addresses and online  shops it seems that our world functions  solely on passwords and accounts it’s  what companies want to have information  about their customers the same things  hackers blackmail them with all this  talk about cybersecurity and theft can  really make you take a social break or  up your online security as we mentioned  before no-one is safe on the Internet  but if you play it smart and safe  critical situations can be avoided  what’s your input on this whole industry.


cyber attacks are more  dangerous than nuclear weapons what’s  the most dangerous thing in the world  right now is it climate change is it a  new financial crisis the refugee crisis  or cyber security although all of the  above are crucial some experts say that  cyber attacks are more dangerous than  nuclear weapons those who have access to  money information and systems are way  more powerful than a nuclear weapon and  since nuclear weapons can be hacked  we’re pretty much left to beg for mercy  to a few smart guys behind a screen. 

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